About Us

Five Points Farm is owned and operated by Ron and Vickie Arkema, who moved to the family-owned farm in July 2013.  The farm is a heritage farm recognized by the State of Iowa as being owned by one family for more than 150 consecutive years.  The farm was first purchased by Ron's great, great, (8 times!!).... grandfather Jonas Hoover on July 4, 1846, before Iowa became a state. In it's earliest years, Jonas had as many as 3,000 apple trees on the farm. However, the farm has been a traditional corn, soybean and hay rotation for most of the last 150 years.


During Ron and Vickie's first year on the farm in 2013, we decided to try our hand at beekeeping and started with 2 hives of honey bees.  We expanded our hives to 17, but lost several due to tough winters and other variables, and now we have 7 hives. In 2014 Vickie grew a large garden and took some produce to the Oskaloosa Farmer's Market for the first time.  Our interest in supporting the community by supplying local, fresh produce grew, so in 2015 we tripled our garden and had a bumper crop that we continued to sell at the local Oskaloosa Farmer's Market. During the Summer of 2015 we brought home some chicks and now have 45 happy pasture raised hens producing XL and Jumbo brown and blue-green eggs. In the Fall of 2015 we erected a 30' x 96' high tunnel greenhouse so we could have better control over the vegetable's environment and extend the growing season.  In 2016, we formed our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), with 12 weekly and bi-weekly members, while continuing to sell our produce at the Oskaloosa Farmer's Market.


This year, 2017, we plan to expand and grow our CSA membership and continue with our fourth year at the Oskaloosa Farmer's Market.  We hope to make this our best and most productive year yet!